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Mark MacLean, Director
Mark MacLean - Director for UBC Euclid Program

For over 30 years UBC has hosted the marking of the national Euclid Mathematics Contest, which is written by over 2600 secondary school students and marked by 30 top secondary school mathematics teachers, together with 40 UBC faculty, graduate students, and industrial mathematicians. This helps us maintain close connections with teachers from the best schools in the province (from which we recruit about half of our students). The marking day provides an important opportunity for us to hear from teachers on issues such as the transition from high school to university. Then the follow-up on Euclid Day celebrates the top 75 students in BC on the Euclid Contest. These top students get to spend a day exploring the opportunities in the UBC faculties of Science and Applied Science. They also enjoy an awards lunch at UBC, with their teachers and professors from UBC.

Euclid Luncheon

Euclid Awards Luncheon

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BC Euclid and COMC Results

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COMC 2013 (PDF) 2013 COMC Awards Luncheon
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Euclid 2012 (PDF)
2012 COMC Awards Luncheon
2012 Euclid Awards Luncheon
Euclid 2011 (PDF) 2011 Euclid Awards Luncheon
Euclid 2010 (PDF) 2010 Euclid Awards Luncheon
Euclid 2009 (PDF) 2009 Euclid Awards Luncheon
Eucid 2008 (PDF) 2008 Euclid Awards Luncheon
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