UBC Math Department Building

Contact Information

  • School Outreach

    Aboriginal Math Program and School Workshop Program
    Melania Alvarez, melania*, (604) 822-0404

    Euclid Contest and Pre-service Teacher Courses
    Mark MacLean, maclean*, 604 827-3038

    UBC Math Circle
    Dragos Ghioca, dghioca*, 604-822-5908

    Calculus Challenge Exam
    Calculus Exam Registration, challengeexam*
    c/o Mathematics Department
    University of British Columbia
    Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2

  • Industrial Outreach

    Industrial Mathematics Coordinator
    Brian Wetton, wetton*, 604-822-5784

    Algebra, Geometry and Topology Liaison
    Patrick Brosnan, brosnan*, 604-822-3032

    Applied and Numerrical Analysis Liaison
    Brian Wetton, wetton*, 604-822-5784

    Complex Fluids Liaison
    Ian Frigaard, frigaard*, 604-822-3043

    Discrete Mathematics Liaison
    Brian Marcus, marcus*, 604-822-3262

    Mathematical Biology Liaison
    Dan Coombs, coombs*, 604-822-2859

    Number Theory Liaison
    Michael Bennett, bennett*, 604-822-2251

    PDE Liaison
    Nassif Ghossoub, nassif*

    Probability Liaison
    Martin Barlow, barlow*, 604-822-3044

*Please add "@math.ubc.ca" to complete Email entries.