Calculus Challenge Exam

Wednesday, June 7, 2023 • 12:00–14:30 PDT

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What is the Calculus Challenge Exam, and who is it for?

The Calculus Challenge Exam is a 2½-hour written exam designed to test your understanding of differential calculus and prerequisite skills. If you have studied high school calculus and have not yet started college or university, this exam is for you.

The Mathematics Department of the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) composes and hosts the Calculus Challenge Exam. Every year, high-school teachers help a lot—many of them volunteer their time so that students can write the test in their own school. We acknowledge this important contribution with sincere thanks!

Why take the Calculus Challenge Exam?

There are many reasons to participate in the CCE.

More detailed information

Registering for the CCE. Registration is now open. You must register and pay by Friday, May 26.

Preparing for the CCE. Find the syllabus, see some recommended memorized background, and view some sample exams.

Taking the CCE. Learn about exam conditions and expectations, view the provided trigonometric formula sheet.

After the CCE. See how grades will be communicated, learn what impact you can choose to have on your university grades.

Contact information. If the information in these web pages doesn’t answer your questions, please email us at, or write us at our postal address:

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