Calculus Challenge Exam

Host institutions: UBC, SFU
Participating institutions: SFU, TWU, UBC, UFV, UNBC, UVic

Thursday • June 6 • 2019 • 12:00-15:00 PDT

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What is the Calculus Challenge Exam, and who is it for?

The Calculus Challenge Exam is a 3-hour written exam designed to test your understanding of differential calculus and prerequisite skills. If you have studied high school calculus and have not yet started college or university, this exam is for you. Only one attempt is permitted. The 2019 exam will be written on Thursday, June 6, 12:00-15:00 PDT.

The Mathematics Departments of the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) and Simon Fraser University take turns sponsoring the Calculus Challenge Exam. The 2019 sitting of the exam is being organized by mathematicians at UBC. You can contact the examiners by email at Every year, high-school teachers help a lot: many volunteer their time so that students can write the test in their own school. The organizers acknowledge this important contribution with sincere thanks.

Why take the Calculus Challenge Exam?

There are many reasons to participate. First, personal challenge.

Second, university credit and grade. If you score over 50% on the Calculus Challenge Exam, you are entitled to credit for the first term of calculus at any of UBC, SFU, UVic, or UNBC. Your exam score will be shown as a course grade from the university. A good score can raise your first-year GPA.

Third, you can aim to acquire these benefits with no risk. The choice of claiming the credit and grade is up to you. If you pass the Calculus Challenge Exam, you can still choose to ignore your exam score and take first-year calculus for credit instead. (For more details, see the page of examination policies.)

Finally, the test is inexpensive. At $100, this test is cheaper than the AP Calculus Exam and has the advantages of being made in BC, and potentially influencing your GPA.

How do you take the Calculus Challenge Exam?

Introduce yourself. Complete the Registration Form to join the mailing list for the 2019 exam. Registration is free, private, and puts no obligation on you. Students on the mailing list decide later if they will actually write the test. Registration closes on Thursday, May 16.

Check your file. Completing the Registration Form gets you a unique "Candidate Number". Please record it somewhere. Then you can review your information any time using the online Status Checker.

Study! Calculus is beautiful and powerful. When you're ready, look at the online Sample Tests (slightly spicier than the real thing), or troll the Archives for actual tests from previous years.

Make a commitment. Mail a cheque for $100 to the UBC Mathematics Department in time to arrive by Thursday, May 23. This non-refundable fee reserves a place for you. See below for contact details.

Other Useful Information

Syllabus. The exam is based on the BC Calculus 12 Curriculum. Follow this link for details.

Policies. There's plenty of information here, including a link to the usual formula sheet.

Sample Tests Slightly spicier than the real thing — ideal practice!

Deadlines. You must register by Thursday, May 16. Your fee of $100 must arrive at the UBC Mathematics office by 3:30 p.m. PDT on Thursday, May 23. Late payments will not be accepted. Unpaid students will not be permitted to write the examination. There will be no exceptions.

Contact information. The Examiners' Email is Our postal address is below.

  Calculus Exam Registration
  c/o Mathematics Department
  University of British Columbia
  Vancouver, BC
  V6T 1Z2