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We invite you to learn more about the UBC Mathematics Outreach activities. The long history of our involvement with school programs continues today in many different activities.

The School Workshop program, successful for over 20 years, involves UBC faculty and students running problem solving workshops in high school and elementary schools. The program is a central part of one of the math courses (MATH 414) for training teachers.

Since 1979, The Euclid Program has provided BC high school students an opportunity to participate in a challenging math contest, the Euclid Contest, with contest grading coordinated in the UBC Math department. The top performers are invited to attend the Euclid Day events at UBC.

More recently our UBC Math Circle program has been growing. This is a weekly opportunity for talented high school students to come to UBC, work on math problems together with our undergraduate students and faculty, and explore the world of mathematics with them.

Over the last few years the UBC Math Department has increased its program to support Aboriginal learners in mathematics. After school tutorials, Teacher's Circles, in-service teacher workshops, and pre-service teacher training, provide opportunities for both students and teachers. Together with partner organizations, we are working to address the crisis that exists in Aboriginal Math Education.

The Calculus Challenge Exam provides alternative ways for students to obtain results for UBC admission or credit.

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