Calculus Challenge Exam

Thursday • June 8 • 2017 • 12:00-15:00 PDT


Calculators. Any calculator compatible with the BC Ministry of Education's Calculator Policy will be allowed on this test. However, no questions will explicitly require the use of a calculator. All calculator memories must be empty when the examination begins.

Formulas. A minimal formula sheet will be provided with the test.

Examination Fee. The fee for this examination is $100. It is 100% non-refundable. On-line payment is not available, so advance planning is essential to meeting the deadline for payments. Please send a cheque or postal money order to

  Calculus Exam Registration
  c/o Mathematics Department
  University of British Columbia
  Vancouver, BC
  V6T 1Z2

Identify the Payee as "UBC Mathematics Department". Write your candidate number on your cheque, and include a printed copy of your registration information. (The "Check Status" button on the registration form produces a page suitable for printing.)

Deadlines. You must register by Thursday, May 18. Your fee of $100 must arrive at the UBC Mathematics office by 3:30 p.m. PDT on Thursday, May 25. Late payments will not be accepted. Unpaid students will not be permitted to write the examination. There will be no exceptions.

Release of Scores. We tell a student's examination score only to the student who wrote the test. We do not release scores to anyone else — not even to people who might expect it, like math teachers, University Math Departments, and University Admissions Offices. Students who want someone mentioned above to know what they have achieved are free to tell them: we supply an official letter to help with this.

Consequences. Writing the Calculus Challenge Exam provides any student with a useful goal on which to focus their learning, and an exciting opportunity to perform at the level expected of first-year university students. A good showing can save a student time and money by giving them course credit and a grade for the first term of university calculus. Please note the following consequences of the "Release of Scores" policy above: